Handmade 4 piece Snooker Cue (Redwood/Maple) - Case - Mini Butt - Extension

Handmade 4 piece Snooker Cue (Redwood/Maple) - Case - Mini Butt - Extension

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Brand new Handmade high quality 4 piece ash cue, Comes with a Carry Case, Telescopic Extension and a Mini Butt, This truly is great for players looking to get into Snooker/Pool or someone looking for a cue to help them advance to a higher level, this cue weighing in at 17-18oz and a length of 145cm looks great and feels great. This also includes a stunning case sporting three secure lock catches, so it can be closed securely, Internal padding is also a feature giving your cue added protection leaving room for chalks tips and other small accessories, Carry handle also included. all in all a great investment for a budding snooker player or a senior pro looking for a stylish cue giving you consistency shot after shot.


  • Length: 145cm
  • Weight: 17/18oz
  • Tip Size: 9.5mm
  • Shaft: American Ash
  • Butt: Redwood/Maple
  • Mini Butt: 15cm
  • Joint & Ferrule: Quality brass air lock joint and ferrule
  • Wood Extension
  • Case Features
  • External Length: 119.7cm
  • Internal Length: 114cm
  • Space for 2 standard cues
  • Security: 3 Catches
  • Colour: Purple/Black/Yellow
  • Exterior: Faux Leather
  • Interior: Suede
  • Model: 291068107355
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