Handmade 3/4 Piece 57" Snooker Cue Complete Set with Ash Shaft - Ebony Zebrawood Butt - 8.5mm Tip

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This handmade 3/4 piece Grade A snooker cue features a Ebony Zebrawood Butt, Ash Shaft and also comes with the option of a Carry Case, Extension and a 15cm Mini Butt. This is fantastic for players looking for a cue to help them advance to a much greater level, by using the same cue and becoming familiar with how it works will allow you to be more consistent shot by shot. This Cue weighs 18-19 oz and has a 8.5mm tip with length of 145cm (57""). This cue looks stunning and feels fantastic.

Cue Features
  • Cue Length: 145cm (57"")
  • Shaft: Ash
  • Tip Size: 8.5mm (with brass ferrule)
  • Weight: 18-19oz
  • Butt: Ebony Zebrawood
Case Features
  • Black and Red Leather Case features an internal material giving your Cue added protection
  • Carry Handle
  • Brass catches to secure your treasured cue
Extra Information
  • Also comes with an Extension and a 15cm Mini Butt
  • All of our cues are 100% handmade so they can never be 100% accurate to the model displayed in the picture as wood grains from all across the globe grow slightly different.
  • Model: LPC313065231862
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