Cha-Yi Weight Loss Tea - 100% Genuine - 30 Bags

Cha-Yi Weight Loss Tea - 100% Genuine - 30 Bags

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Cha-Yi Tea is the revolutionary weight loss solution that's helped thousands of women and men lose weight quickly and safely!

Drink just two cups a day

 The Cha-Yi Weight Loss System couldn't be any easier! Just drink 2 cups of our 100% natural tea each day - and start to see the benefits! Because its premium ingredients are high in natural anti-oxidants, no extreme exercise is needed - just eat sensibly and take light exercise. And if you're already dieting to lose weight, drinking Cha-Yi Tea as well can help to increase your weight loss by as much as 50% more!

Benefits of Cha-Yi Tea:

  • Supports internal organs during weight loss
  • High in anti-oxidants
  • 100% natural, Vegetarian Society Approved product

Double Your Weight Loss With Cha-Yi Tea

We all know how to make a cup of normal tea, however Cha-Yi tea is far from normal. Several of the specially selected herbal ingredients in Cha-Yi tea are there to facilitate what scientists refer to as 'fat oxidation' - burning the body's fat reserves as fuel. Cha-Yi tea helps your body to get rid of the fat rather than store it, while reducing your body's ability to absorb fat from your food at the same time.

However, it cannot do this unassisted. If you continue to eat a diet high in fat you will continue to gain weight as fat is stored in your body. By adopting a sensible diet and choosing low-fat foods, Cha-Yi tea targets the fat stored in your body rather than continually fighting the fat that you ingest. So when taken with a sensible diet and exercise regime, you can often double the amount of weight loss from your body, than you would with diet and exercise alone.

Cha-Yi Tea's Unique Blend

Our exclusive blend of tea is made to an ancient 400 year old traditional recipe. In addition to premium oolong tea, we include a blend of traditional herbs and plants to help purify the body's cells and support the essential organs through the digestive process.
Among the 100% natural ingredients we include lotus leaf to optimise digestion, Cassia seeds to support the internal organs. One further, key ingredient is Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (also known as Jiaogulan). It has powerful anti-oxidant properties, and is often referred to as 'the immortality herb', as users can often live to a very old age. This special herb has a calming effect and helps to regulate the digestive system. Once these ingredients have been blended with the oolong tea leaves, we then seal each tea bag in foil packets to lock in the freshness, and then pack into handy pouches, ready for delivery to your door for you to enjoy!

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