Cho-Yung Perfect Body Green Tea - Detox Tea - Vegan

Cho-Yung Perfect Body Green Tea - Detox Tea - Vegan

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  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains Oolong Tea, Lotus Leaf, Southern Ginseng, Cassia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Honeysuckle and Stevia
  • Light and refreshing flavour with no bitter aftertaste
Cho-Yung Tea contains 100% natural ingredients with no need to change the way you lead your life – simply drink 2 cups of our tea a day along with a balanced diet and light exercise.

Cho-Yung's 100% natural ingredients work in synergy together so much better than they could if you were to have them on their own, which is what makes Cho-Yung so unique. Drinking Cho-Yung Tea will help you to feel fresh, which often means you do not fancy eating fatty or sweet foods.

There are so many benefits to slimming and achieving a healthy weight. Through drinking Cho-Yung Tea you will start to feel so much more confident in yourself. You'll love the feeling wearing your favourite outfit will give you, and feel proud to strut your stuff on the beach – what could be better than looking great and feeling great too!

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