Cho-Yung Health Blend Green Tea - Weight Loss System

Cho-Yung Health Blend Green Tea - Weight Loss System

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Made with completely natural ingredients, the Green Tea Health Blend is a premium herbal tea designed to aid weight management and support wellbeing. With so many health products out there, this blend offers a great option for those looking for something delicious and enjoyable. Plus, it is a super simple programme to follow - it’s literally as easy as drinking a cup of tea twice a day!

  • Promotes healthy weight management
  • Delicious herbal tea
  • With Lotus Leaf, Oolong Tea & Hemp Seeds
  • Easy as making a cup of tea
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Just 2 cups a day

What makes the Green Tea Health Blend unique from others out there is it’s premium infusion of ingredients. This includes traditional Oolong Tea, sweet Honeysuckle and calming Lotus Leaf. Not only does the combination found in the tea give it a fantastic herbal taste and aroma, it also gives it a number of great health benefits!

Model: GCY0012

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