30g Vitalife Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder (Ceremonial Grade)

30g Vitalife Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder (Ceremonial Grade)

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30g of ceremonial grade Matcha green tea powder. That's30 cups.

We are all aware of the health benefits of standard green tea, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, and even acts as a natural mood enhancer.
Now imagine all of these health benefits, amplified!

With Matcha you ingest the whole tea leaf, as opposed to the brewed water, which means it delivers everything that green tea delivers but with a much higher potency.
In fact, researchers from The University of Colorado recently discovered that Matcha has a higher concentration of the antioxidant EGCG (a potent cancer-fighting and anti-aging catechin) of up to 137 times that found in standard, commercially-available green tea.
Pound-for-pound, Matcha contains more antioxidants than blueberries, gojiberries, pomegranates, orange juice, and spinach.
What's more, it can help to boost one's metabolic rate, thus enhancing their ability to burn fat and lose weight.

Other health benefits from drinking Matcha include:

  • Contains potent, cancer-fighting and anti-aging catechins
  • Natural mood enhancement
  • Zero glycemic index i.e. will not raise insulin levels
  • High in fibre
  • Sugar-free
  • Rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Helps to focus the mind by reducing mental and physical stress and improving cognition due to high levels of L-Theanine

Calming and focusing, whilst stimulating at the same time, Buddhist monks once consumed Matcha in preparation for enduring 12-hour straight meditation sessions.
Vitalife Matcha is unparalleled in its smoothness, vivid colour, and fine flavour. And here's why:
Vitalife Matcha is grown in Uji, a city of the Kyoto Prefecture, Japan famed for pioneering the latest Matcha-growing and cultivating techniques, and its perfectly-suited climate.
It is grown on organic fields, without the use of nasty pesticides.
When Vitalife Matcha is picked, only the very top leaves of the bush (the ones that contain the highest concentration of catechins, and the smoothest flavour) are hand-selected.
These leaves are then dried, de-veined, and de-stemmed in a specially designed wind-tunnel that separates the stems from the main part of the leaf, or the 'flesh'. After this, the 'flesh' of the leaves (tencha) is stone-ground into a fine powder.
On traditional stone mills, it can take up to one hour to grind just 30 grams of our Matcha into the powder you see in the tins.
Once ground into a fine powder, the tea is then sealed in separate foil bags, and into separate tins ensuring that the tea is no longer exposed to oxygen thus maintaining its 'just picked' freshness up until the point of being served.

Vitalife Matcha is the highest ceremonial grade available on the market - distinguishable by its vivid green colour and smooth (almost sweet) grassy flavour. Do not be fooled by lower-priced competitors - these often consist of poor quality Chinese-grown matcha, or matcha of a very poor grade, and can often leave a very bitter, unpleasant after-taste

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