2 x 40g Miracle Matcha Pure White Tea Powder - 2 tins (80g) SPECIAL OFFER

2 x 40g Miracle Matcha Pure White Tea Powder - 2 tins (80g) SPECIAL OFFER

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Our Exclusive Miracle Matcha is made from 100% pure high grade ground white tea Matcha. Sourced from high altitudes above the fertile rift valley in Kenya with a proven level of antioxidants 3 times greater than the best recorded green tea Matcha.

It has some of the highest recorded levels of the important anti-oxidant polyphenols versus any other tea type and versus any so-called 'super fruits'. Only by consuming the tea leaves whole, does our body get the maximum benefit from this 'super tea', unlike regular tea where the best part is thrown away.

Only the very youngest leaves and buds from the white tea plants are picked by hand, then carefully dried and finely ground using ancient techinques to produce the ultra-fine 'matcha' powder.

This amazing ingredient Miracle Matcha contains up to three times more anti-oxidant polyphenols than Asian green tea matchas. It also contains catechins, another type of anti-oxidant found to help prevent some diseases and is an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre - in fact, the fibre content is higher than most household bran cereals.

Using Miracle Matcha to supplement your diet

Using Miracle Matcha couldn't be simpler or more versatile. Just add the appropriate amount of matcha powder to whatever food or drink you fancy, to turn it into a super healthy meal or drink.

  • In drinks: add about half a teaspoon to your favourite fruit juice or hot drink and whisk it into a traditional matcha drink. It can be added to hot water, herbal tea, coffee, fruit juice or smoothie.
  • In food: You can also add Miracle Matcha to any meal or snack, hot or cold, sweet or savoury. Use it when you're baking a cake or mix with ice cream. Add to pies, quiches, yoghurt, salads, cereal... the list is endless!

About Miracle Matcha
Miracle Matcha is a brand new premium white tea matcha, sourced from an exclusive plantation high in the Kenyan Rift Valley, where its unique soil conditions yields only the very finest, freshest white tea leaves. These are then processed using an ancient process which turns the leaves into an ultra fine powder, called matcha. We believe that our unique white matcha is truly 'unmatchable' for its quality, purity and efficacy which is why we call it the ""miracle matcha"" - we think you will too!

Anti-Oxidant Powerhouse
Matcha contains amazingly high levels of anti-oxidant polyphenols and catechins which are known to help fight disease. While these are found in green tea, already renowned for its health-boosting benefits, Miracle Matcha has greater potential health benefits,* according to rigorous laboratory tests.

Miracle Matcha contains up to three times the level of polyphenols of green tea matchas from Asia – it really is an anti-oxidant powerhouse! Miracle Matcha also contains high levels of protein (27%) and dietary fibre (21%) and is very low in fat and sodium.

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