Childrens Y Velo Flippa Trike and Balance Bike / Ride on - Blue Toy - 3 yrs+

Childrens Y Velo Flippa Trike and Balance Bike / Ride on - Blue Toy - 3 yrs+

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This Y Velo Flippa is a fantastic 2-in-1 bike which switches easily from a trike to a balance bike as your child grows. The Y Velo Flippa is a clever2-in-1 trike and balance bike which grows with your child. Little one's will love the stability that a three wheeled trike gives them and can learn to pedal, but when they're ready to transition onto a balance bike all of their own, all you need to do is remove the pedals which store neatly under the seat, use the "Twist and Flip" feature, simply press a button to move the rear wheels inward, and your trike becomes a balance bike! With an easily adjustable cushioned saddle and handlebars, this balance bike is a fantastic first step into the world of cycling. Children who ride balance bikes are more likely to start riding regular two-wheeled pedal bikes without the use of outdated training wheels or stabilisers.


  • 2-in-1 trike and balance bike
  • Trike with pedals
  • 'Twist and Flip' feature to convert
  • Pedals can be stored under the seat
  • Adjustable, cushioned seat
  • Shock absorbing rubber wheels
  • Builds confidence to start riding a traditional two wheeled bike
  • Boosts balance and coordination
  • Suitable for children from 3yrs to a maximum weight of 20kg
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