58.5" Handmade 4 piece Snooker Cue with a Rosewood Butt, Black and Red Case, Extension, 6" Mini-Butt

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This Handcrafted Package includes a quality 3/4 piece Grade 'A' Ash cue, with a stunning black and red carry case featuring 3 brass locks, end caps for extra protection and an internal padding for your Cue. This Cue is designed for players looking for more consistency shot by shot, with its smooth finish you will become familiar with exactly how your cue action serves you, this Cue weighing in at 19oz and with a length of 58.5"" looks great and feels fantastic, the Rosewood Butt will arrive handspliced to perfection and will feature a unique name plate (May vary between black and gold). This also comes with a standard sized 9.5MM Tip and an additional 6"" Mini Butt and a telescopic extension.


  • Cue Length: 58.5""
  • Tip Size: 9.50mm
  • Weight: 19oz
  • Rosewood Butt: multiple spliced inlays
  • Grade A
  • Case Features
  • Colour: Black and Red
  • Brand new 3/4 case which has three brass catches
  • Internal Material giving your Cue added protection
  • Carry Handle
  • Extras
  • Mini Butt: 6"" Rosewood
  • Telescopic Extension: Extends from 16-27""
  • 100% Genuine Handmade
  • Model: 171027530281
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