57" Handmade/Hand-Spliced Snooker Cue (Butt: Rosewood with Yellow inlays)

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Brand new Handmade high quality 3 piece Grade 'A' North American Ash cue, Comes with a 15cm Mini Butt and is made from Rosewood. This truly is great for players looking to raise there Snooker/Pool game to a much greater level, this Cue weighing in at 17/18 oz with a length of 145cm (57"") and with a Mini Butt hand spliced with rosewood and yellow inlays makes this a Cue that really stands out and feels fantastic.


  • Shaft: North American Ash
  • Butt: Rosewood with Yellow inlays
  • Cue Length: 145cm
  • Tip Size: 9.50mm
  • Weight: 17-18oz
  • Grade A
  • Superb Balance point
  • Please note all cues will arrive very slightly different to the one pictures a these are handmade
  • Mini Butt: 15cm
  • Model: 291068017878
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