57.1 inch Handmade Ash and Rosewood 3/4 Snooker Cue Set with 8.5mm tip + Telescopic Extension

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This handmade high quality Grade A Ash cue comes with a Hard Carry Case, Telescopic Extension and Mini Butt. This truly is great for players looking to get into Snooker/Pool or someone looking for a cue to help them advance to a higher level, this Cue weighing in at 18oz and a length of 57.1 inches looks great and feels great. This also includes a stunning Hard Carry Case sporting three secure lock catches, so it can be closed securely, Internal padding is also a feature giving your cue added protection leaving room for chalks tips and other small accessories. This is a stunning cue with lovely arrows running the length of the ash shaft. The cue is spliced with rosewood with four further splices. The shaft is silky smooth and feels nicely balanced when in the hand. Cue is straight and true with a medium/stiff flex shaft which gives plenty of cue ball reaction.

Cue Features

  • Weight: 18 oz
  • Length: 57.1 Inch
  • Tip Size: 8.5 mm with Brass Ferrule
  • Butt: Rosewood
  • Shaft: Grade A Ash
  • Mini Butt: 15CM
  • Telescopic Extension: Extends from 16"-27"

Case Features

  • Hard Case with Carry Handle
  • Security: 3 Brass Catches, Internally there is a material giving your Cue added protection
  • 100% Genuine Handmade
  • Model: 295621995701
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