57 Inch Handmade 3/4 Multi-Spliced Rare Burl and Rosewood Ash Snooker/Pool Cue with 15cm Mini-Butt.

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Brand new Handmade high quality 3/4 piece Grade 'A' premium quality north American ash Snooker/Pool cue, Comes with a 15cm Mini Butt and is made from Rare Burl and Rosewood, This masterpiece is superb for players looking to progress in there Snooker/Pool game to a much greater level, this Cue weighing 18/19OZ, a length of 145cm (57"), a Mini Butt and multi-spliced Rare Burl and rosewood making this a Cue that would allow you to be much more consistent from shot to shot.

Snooker Cue Features

  • Handspliced Rare Burl and Rosewood
  • Cue Length: 145cm (57")
  • Tip Size: 9.50mm
  • weight: 18/19 OZ
  • Grade A
  • Joint and Ferrule: Quality Brass Joint and Ferrule

Additional Extras

  • Mini Butt (15CM)
  • Shaft: Premium Quality North American Ash
  • There may be some variations from what you see in the photos as they are made with real wood (not painted) so it can not be 100% exact to the sampled photo
  • Model: LPC380379524461

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