Shanghai Solar X1 Precision Grip 90% Tungsten Darts - Barrels Only

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The Shanghai range offers the darts player a varied range of designs in various weights including knurled and ringed profiles. Supplied as Barrels Only, giving you the most cost effective way of having your preferred barrel grip retaining your current shaft and stem set-up. he ideal choice for many darts players from beginners to semi pro to professional giving many hours of throwing experiences.

20gram - 6.40mm Width x 48.00mm Length
22gram - 6.50mm Width x 48.00mm Length
24gram - 6.70mm Width x 48.00mm Length
26gram - 7.10mm Width x 48.00mm Length
27gram - 7.00mm Width x 51.00mm Length
28gram - 7.20mm Width x 51.00mm Length
30gram - 7.90mm Width x 48.00mm Length
32gram - 8.10mm Width x 48.00mm Length
34gram - 7.60mm Width x 51.00mm Length

Why Shanghai's 90% Tungsten Dart Barrels are a Must-Have for Serious Players

Are you a dedicated dart player seeking to take your game to the next level? Look no further than Shanghai's 90% Tungsten Dart Barrels, the ultimate choice for serious players. Renowned for their exceptional quality and unparalleled performance, these dart barrels are designed to enhance your accuracy, control, and overall gaming experience. Crafted with precision using the finest tungsten material, these dart barrels offer a perfect balance between weight and durability, allowing you to achieve consistent and precise throws every time. With a sleek and aerodynamic design, these dart barrels provide optimum grip and stability, ensuring a smooth release and reducing the risk of bounce-outs. Whether you're a professional competing in tournaments or a passionate player aiming for perfection in your local league, Shanghai's 90% Tungsten Dart Barrels are a must-have accessory that will elevate your game to new heights. Take your shots with confidence and dominate the dartboard like never before with these top-of-the-line dart barrels.

The Advantages of Using Tungsten Dart Barrels

Tungsten is a dense and heavy metal that is widely regarded as the best material for dart barrels. Here are some of the advantages of using tungsten dart barrels, especially Shanghai's 90% Tungsten Dart Barrels:

1. **Superior Weight Distribution**: Tungsten is significantly denser than other metals used in dart barrels, such as brass or nickel-silver. This density allows for a more compact and slim design, giving the dart a higher concentration of weight at the front. This front-heavy weight distribution provides better stability and control during flight, resulting in improved accuracy and reduced wobbling.
2. **Exceptional Durability**: Tungsten is an incredibly durable material, ensuring that your dart barrels will withstand the rigors of intense gameplay. Shanghai's 90% Tungsten Dart Barrels are crafted with precision using the finest tungsten material, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and reliability. Say goodbye to bent or damaged dart barrels and hello to a consistent and reliable throwing experience.
3. **Optimum Grip and Control**: The surface texture of Shanghai's tungsten dart barrels is specially designed to provide optimum grip and control. This ensures that your fingers have a secure hold on the dart, allowing for a consistent release and reducing the chance of slippage. With improved grip comes improved accuracy, giving you the edge you need to hit those coveted bullseyes.
4. **Reduced Bounce-Outs**: Bounce-outs can be frustrating for any dart player. With Shanghai's 90% Tungsten Dart Barrels, you can minimize the risk of bounce-outs. The dense nature of tungsten allows the darts to penetrate the dartboard more effectively, increasing the chances of them staying in the board upon impact. This means fewer missed opportunities and more points on the scoreboard.

In summary, tungsten dart barrels, especially Shanghai's 90% Tungsten Dart Barrels, offer numerous advantages that can greatly enhance your gameplay. From superior weight distribution and exceptional durability to optimum grip and reduced bounce-outs, these dart barrels are a must-have for serious players looking to take their dart game to the next level.

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