15ft x 15ft Telstar ELITE Bounce Arena Square Trampoline Package Including Cover and Ladder

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If you've got the space then the ELITE Mega Bounce Model is for you. The ELITE Range is simply the best.


The Telstar ELITE Mega Bounce SQUARE Trampoline package is the ultimate bouncing experience offering 60mm thick steel, the thickest steel on any trampoline in the UK. The unique square framework and spring layout gives the user a large bouncing area with FIVE 'sweet spots' for energetic bouncing and lots of fun.

This model has different sping tensions in different places but it is the centre spot which creates the most bounce and provides the most stability and control when bouncing continuously on this spot.

The Telstar ELITE Trampoline is the newest model into the established and reputable Telstar range. Telstar have been developing the ELITE range for two years and it offers the safest, most explosive bounce and is the most advanced trampoline from the Telstar range.

NOW with new and exclusive 'Rigi' Net technology.
The 'Rigi' net creates a totally enclosed 'no escape' bouncing environment for the user. This technology gives allows the user to get the best out of the explosive bounce of the Elite trampoline, safe with the knowledge that should they fall against the net, the robust, rigid system will ensure that they are protected.
The strongest, safest trampoline enclosure on the market today.
The Telstar Elite enclosure uses 25mm steel tubing and thick closed cell foam covering to create the strongest, sturdiest enclosure yet to hit the market.
The 'Rigi' net system has a net that is sewn directly onto the bounce mat, meaning there is absolutely no gap between the net and the springs, creating the totally enclosed area.
Please ensure you view all the images to appreciate the safe, robust Rigi Net technology.


  • Size: 15ft x 15ft
  • Springs: 104 x 8.5inch
  • Steel: 60mm x 2.5mm
  • Padding: 25mm With Thick PVC Cover
  • Frame Height: 90cm
  • Mat: Heavy Duty Polypropylene Permatron
  • Netting: Totally Enclosed 'no escape' system
  • User Weight: 175kg / 27.5 Stone
  • Product Code: TRTEL15X15ELITE

The Package Includes:

  • 15ft x 15ft Rectangle Trampoline Package
  • Rigi Net Technology
  • Cover
  • Ladder


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